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Tiny Giant - The Bitter Alibi - Brand Identity

The Bitter Alibi

Branding, Naming, Print Design, Signage, Wayfinding
Helpful Friends:
  • Jaime Smialek, Photography

The Bitter Alibi started as a basement bar before adding two floors, a tiki bar, and eventually a gas station-turned-restaurant across the river. This family of restaurants and bars has quickly become a mainstay in Chattanooga and we’re lucky to call them our friends.

While they all share a wry sense of humor, a crave-worthy menu, and the two owners, Matt and Jason, we wanted to give each business their own individual look and feel. We created each identity system for use on their signs, menus, interiors, and whatever else they felt like putting them on.

Tiny Giant - The Bitter Alibi - Business Cards
Tiny Giant - The Bitter Alibi - Team Shirts
Tiny Giant - The Bitter Alibi - Menu Design
Tiny Giant - The Bitter Alibi - Secondary Logo

When Matt and Jason added a third floor to the Bitter Alibi, they decided to make it a separate bar altogether. We gave The Fix its own identity system to match its throwback tiki bar vibe.

Tiny Giant - The Fix - Identity
Tiny Giant - The Fix - Identity / Color Palette
The Bitter Alibi / The Fix - Branding, Identity, Logos, Signage, Signs