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Tiny Giant - Firebox Grill - Brand Identity

Firebox Grill

Branding, Print Design, Signage, Wayfinding

Firebox Grill is the newest iteration of a family restaurant chain that has been around for 40 years. They first came to us for a rebrand of Glen Gene Grill. About halfway into the process, they realized that rather than rebranding the existing business, they wanted to try something different altogether. They wanted to test out new products at one of the locations, thus Firebox Grill was born.

We wanted to keep the classic American grill look for Firebox while making use of bold colors. We created the brand, signage, menu displays, and paper products.

Firebox Grill - Branding, Identity, Logos, Social Media Icons
Tiny Giant - Firebox Grill - Coasters / Sacks
Tiny Giant - Firebox Grill - Logos